Inspired by our friends Nic Gregoriades and Thomas Faustin Huisking over at Digital Communion, this is the second of a series of short (20 mins) but deep conversations between Jon and Dre. Each episode begins with a question designed to make you (and us) reflect and to think about life and our experience of it.

Today’s episode poses the question: ‘What’s your favourite place in the world?’

Some of the areas we get into:

  • Jon increasingly aims at a feeling more than a place
  • Finding flow – alone and in company
  • Moscow: Jon’s favourite city in the world and why
  • The space in Russian culture for really wearing your emotions on your sleeve
  • Dre takes us back to the beautiful south island of New Zealand and its fjords
  • The timelessness of the landscape and the sea… and how good that can make you feel
  • To be beautifully lonely without being alone
  • Our place in the world
  • Jon’s Ayahuasca retreat – which you can read about here

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