We need to talk about drugs.

Not a shouting match; not a series of threats. We need a real, unemotional and scientifically-based conversation which places harm reduction and a respect for personal sovereignty at its core.

So we spoke to Jason Reed to do just that.

Jason is Executive Director at LEAP UK (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition); a producer on the superb documentary film, The Culture High; the host of the Stop and Search podcast; and an acclaimed author in his own right.

From sniffer dogs to media meltdowns to draconian laws, deterrence fails each and every time to reduce the harms of drug misuse. So what are governments actually trying to do? Why do people take drugs at all? And why should we, as a society, care about it?

In this no-holds-barred interview we get into all these questions and more. Along with personal stories from Jon and Jason about when the medical profession completely failed to help them, we go behind the nature of addiction itself.

People become addicted to drugs for a reason – usually trauma – so unless we can address and resolve that trauma, the addiction only mutates and never disappears.

Truth be told, we live in an addicted society: from reality TV to binge-eating, people are running away from pain and lack the tools to face and integrate these shadows healthily into their lives. How can we help them and ourselves without triggering guilt, fear, and further depressive spirals?

We need more conversations like this – and we need you to get involved if we want to live healthier, happier lives.

Oh, and we have a surprisingly enlightening discussion of what pro-wrestling can teach you about real life and how to make a positive impact in the world…

Find Out More:

  • LEAP UK’s website
  • Jason’s brilliant podcast, Stop and Search
  • Jason’s Twitter
  • The film, The Culture High – a powerful look at drugs and the absurd culture of prohibition
  • Professor David Nutt’s paper on the realities of drug misuse and drug harm
  • Johann Hari’s book, Chasing the Scream

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