Virtual Reality is the future – but do we know what we’re getting ourselves in for?

This is a powerful conversation about technology, the future, and if we can remain human as we continue to evolve. What can we do now to steer our technological development towards a Star Trek rather than a Blade Runner future?

Visual artist, psychonaut and VR programmer José Montemayor joins us to talk near-death experiences; what cutting-edge technology can teach us about being human; and how psychedelics and VR are combining to create ‘Cyberdelic Psychotherapy’.

We talk about how virtual and augmented reality are already being used to heal traumas, dementia and body dysmorphia, and the lessons we can take from psychedelic therapy to harness these new technologies.

Everything is changing – the content and the audience. In VR experiences, the viewer no longer experiences content, but becomes the medium itself. This is a paradigm shift not only in tech, but also in Art and our ability to share common human experiences.

José himself has designed a near-death experience which Jon and Dre both plugged into right before the show. We share our impressions of this experiential, artistic piece based on scientific research, and compare it to our most potent ego-destroying psychedelic experiences.

We also question the role of art in our personal and cultural lives; whether we need sex to be creative; and what happens when technology begins to remove our bodily desires.

José also previews his amazing next project – a massive VR experience blending Eastern mysticism and cutting-edge physics to help shift our perception of ourselves and our place in the universe, a project soon to be demoed at Sundance Film Festival.

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