It has been a weird 10 years for me living in London. When I arrived I made the decision to distance myself from science, at least in the sense of being a scientist; I realised I needed to become an Entrepreneur if I wanted to have a revolutionary biotech company some day and not just be a test tube pusher.

I proceeded to learn all I could about running businesses and working in them, and along the way got lost in power games in corporates that forced me to face that the fact that, at that stage of my life, I wasn’t good at convincing people that were not like me to do anything.

The lessons and growth I took from this journey are what led me to create this website and podcast and they have made me a much better human being… But it’s time I put those insights to real use.

In light of this, in 2018 I quit my side-gig which had turned into my primary income (one of the loops I have to be careful to avoid) and have been working to launch my own production company which will create TV shows for the web, with a preference for LIVE Facebook shows.

Check it out HERE

I will also separately launch a website for learning all the best techniques for social engineering and mastery that I have been privately coaching an inner circle of people on, so watch out for news on that!


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