The Modern Stoic #16: Make Fear Your Mentor

How to deal with and handle fear; how to find balance between accepting death and embracing life; and how to make fear your mentor. This week we take a look at Letter 24 – ‘On Despising Death’. But it’s not another go-round of telling yourself that death is OK and we should accept it. No – this time our focus is on how to live well now, and recognise how our fears (conscious or otherwise) can destroy our lives well before the Grim Reaper comes a knocking. Seneca invites us to get practical: What if we imagine the worst –...

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The Jordan Peterson, Cathy Newman Controversy Explained

A special episode where we break down what happened in Channel 4’s recent controversial interview with Dr Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist whose statements about free speech, gender roles, and the ‘crisis of masculinity’ have made him an unwilling hero of the alt-right and a hate figure for the left. We’ve got a bone to pick with both parties in this debate – Peterson himself and Channel 4’s interviewer, Cathy Newman, including: Why Peterson’s approach is flawed and isn’t going to convince the people he’s trying to win over Free speech and language policing Was Newman playing a role,...

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The Modern Stoic #14: Practising What You Preach

From ancient Stoic letters to modern-day S&M clubs, this one’s a corker. We explore why actions speak louder than words; the benefits of taking action for mental health; why philosophy is about LIFE, not about libraries; and finding true peace within as you seek to better yourself. It’s one of Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power to ‘Win Through Your Actions, Never Through Argument’, and for good reason. Consciously or otherwise, we value what people actually do, not what they merely say. Seneca exhorts us to live a life of congruence – to practise what we preach and to be...

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The Modern Stoic #12: Rich On Paper, Poor On Life

A letter that hammers home the need to put your WHY first – to find your mindset and your outlook before you do anything else; on avoiding becoming the slave to money in all that you do; the swamp of accumulating possessions; how to do what you truly want now, not later; and how to make sense of Stoicism not as a prescription, but as guidelines for what to emphasise in life. Do you dream of getting rich? Would all your problems magically disappear? Well, they wouldn’t. Not unless you consciously know why you want to get rich. Your mindset determines...

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New Year, Real You: Stoic Journalling & New Year’s Dissolutions

It’s 2018 and we’ve got a couple of powerful tools for you to make the best start in the new year, personally, socially, and professionally. And we do it all through the lens of our incredibly fancy new film-grade camera, so check out the video to see us in our high-def glory! We’ve both started using The Daily Stoic Journal which, unlike most blindly optimistic journals, actually helps you to order your thoughts, tune into what’s important in your life, and see the huge difference that only a day or just a few hours can make to your mood and...

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