Ever made a bad decision? Ever felt like life just wasn’t playing fair?

In Trashed, the breakthrough, critically-acclaimed play hitting the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year, one man’s life unravels as a few questionable decisions cascade into tragedy.

This riveting human drama blew us away and we knew we had to speak to the people behind it.

We sat down with the playwright and the star of the show, Sascha Moore and David Bryan, to find out how this brilliant, morally-challenging drama came about and what it takes to perform with honesty, intensity, and 7 cans of cider every day for a month.

Sascha wrote the play while working a full time job, while David left a promising career in rugby to pursue acting. We dig into their personal stories, the inspirations behind the play, and what it’s like performing at one of the world’s largest and most diverse cultural events.


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Be Silly. Be Kind. Be Weird.

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