In this special episode, we sit down with musician, rapper and political activist Kayne Anthony to break down the upcoming UK General Election.

Where are British and world politics in 2017? Are we looking at a picture of apathy and chronic social inequality? Or are there glimmers of hope for a new politics to be found in this mess?

We ask what can we do, really, to effect change in the modern world; whether going on protest marches changes anything; and if young voters may actually be more conservative than their parents.

We argue that critical thinking needs to be taught in schools if we’re ever to have an informed electorate, but wonder if music – especially rap – might be the most effective way to get more people thoughtfully engaged in politics.

We also dig into race, class and ideological divides and question where they come from and if they even really exist. Don’t boundaries always divide us, but can open borders and non-geographical constituencies work?

Time to envision a Star Trek-like world in which people live in peace with a sense of comradeship across all divisions… but how can we get from here to there?

On top of all this, tune in to find out why Dre thinks that a certain Donald Trump is actually a Good Thing for America, if not the world.

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