We’ve been talking about Napoleon Hill’s wildly popular self-help book, Think and Grow Rich, for the past few weeks, but whatever we make of the text itself, the question remains: Does this stuff actually work?

So this week we’ve got a treat for you – our guest, the brilliant poet and writer JJ Bitters, tells us exactly what happened to him when he decided to spend a whole year doing everything Napoleon Hill instructs us to do!

First of all, JJ used it to battle depression, but this specific goal swiftly evolved into a much greater journey. After years of OD’ing on self-help books and being frustrated by the lack of results, JJ’s Think and Grow Rich adventure rapidly eroded his natural scepticism and confronted him with a series of seemingly impossible coincidences and surprises. Or, as he puts it, weird shit started happening pretty damn quickly!

We try to make sense of what happened to JJ throughout that year and, in the process, we explain how affirmations really can work, what cultivating a MasterMind group means in practice, and how to drink your own kool aid without doing yourself serious damage.

In a sense, JJ created his own belief system, but that always comes with enormous risks. He went through crises of faith, anger, and more depression; he realised he was becoming unhealthily focused on money at the cost of his happiness. But, ultimately, his Think and Grow Rich experiment fostered positive behavioural and emotional change, and left him a better person than when he began. Xe88 APK

If we could pick just one takeaway from this awesome conversation, it’s that all self-help should be used as a tool, not as a religion.


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