This week’s foray into the world of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is all about the subtle art of making decisions. Procrastination is the destroyer of so many dreams, but how can we successfully combat it? What makes a ‘good decision’, anyway, and how can we prime ourselves to make them on the regular?

The stakes are higher than they might at first seem. If you are ultimately the sum of the decisions you make, then procrastination is a failure to be something. Decisions in a sense constitute your identity and, if you’re no good at making them, you end up sleepwalking your way into a life you never chose because you just kept on rolling with the defaults.

Napoleon Hill thinks we should make decisions quickly, but then be very slow to alter those decisions later. Jon’s not so sure, but as we dissect examples from history and from our own lives, we begin to make sense of this notion. Maybe the ideal rule of thumb is: don’t make quick decisions, but make decisions quickly.

Still, there’s a lot of dangerous advice out there in the self-help field from coaches who incite you to make immediate and irrevocable change immediately. Sure, you’re never going to have ‘perfect’ information from which to make a decision with 100% confidence, but it’s still important to consciously decide what you need to know before pulling the trigger.

And yet, part of the problem we face as we grow older is that we accumulate so many knocks and too much experience of things going wrong, which then stands in the way of us making firm and quick decisions… Being trapped in other people’s opinions is another life-hazard that it can be hard to escape.

But don’t worry – this episode will provide you with some practical advice and insights to help you overcome paralysis through analysis and getting stuck swimming in the soup of other people’s opinions.

Some decisions – and maybe the most important – are ultimately about setting boundaries. The boundaries that, if other people cross them, result in very clearly-defined actions. You broke my trust? This romantic relationship is over. You refuse to accept my time is worth this money? Then I can’t continue this relationship without cheapening myself.

We also challenge you to recognise that you will never get to the end of all the work or duties you have to do. And, with that in mind, you must make the time you need to do positive things for yourself. There is no final mountain you will climb, on which you’ll suddenly have all the time you’ve been craving to care for and develop yourself. Procrastination is just what we do out of a desperate desire to serve these needs. Decisions are what we do in order to take those things we deserve and desire.

Also Including:

  • There’s no such thing as ‘the right choice’
  • Taking advice while remaining true to yourself
  • How the Unconscious shapes our decisions
  • Where to place your Grief Fountain
  • Active listening – what it is and why you need to master it
  • Going vegan for an easy life

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