What makes a good leader? What makes a bad one? We certainly know the difference when we have to work for them, but do we really know what it takes to cultivate and sustain respect?

In this episode of our series dissecting Napoleon Hill’s perennial classic, Think and Grow Rich, we delve into the crucial differences between power and influence, leaders and followers, and the myriad definitions of ‘quitting’.

Although this chapter of Napoleon’s book seems to have been written with a flak cannon, there’s still a surprising amount of practical, actionable advice to be gleaned. There’s pointers on how to get your dream job, how to market your skills and services as a freelancer (particularly useful for Jon as he embraces/sinks under the freelance lifestyle), and some of the nitty-gritty of setting up your Mastermind Group. As ever, we don’t agree with everything Napoleon has to say, and we try to guide you to the nuggets of wisdom hidden amidst the sometimes outdated, sometimes outright dangerous advice.

For a book that’s often been cast as a leadership manual, there’s a surprising amount about cooperation and consent in this chapter. Which is welcome news, because you’re going to need some help to implement Napoleon’s vague advice about planning (‘make a plan; if it doesn’t work, make another’).

We also home in on what loyalty really means, whether quitting is sometimes the right strategy, and we set about rehabilitating the concept of Personal Honour!


  • The truth about London Real
  • Are in-person meetings still important in the digital age?
  • Why loyalty matters
  • Is dressing for success a real thing?
  • Lessons in leadership from Joseph Stalin

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