Time for something new here at Voices in the Dark. By popular demand, we’re going to dissect the original self-help classic, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This baby has sold over 100 million copies and shows no sign of slowing down. More importantly, it’s the backbone of all self-help and personal development books. Scratch the surface of that latest bestseller, and you’ll find it’s just another remix of the original.

All the same, does this 1930s text really hold up today? Is this a bandwagon that just keeps on going, or can it still teach us vital lessons for the modern world?

First impressions leave us conflicted. There’s a surprisingly strong smell of the bestselling bullshit title The Secret wafting from Think and Grow Rich. And later on there’s a chapter about sexual energy transmutation… so this ain’t gonna be some dull ride through a series of business strategies, believe me!

In this episode we cover the Introduction and Chapter 1, exploring tales of striking gold, working with Thomas Edison, and how you can (but maybe shouldn’t) demand the impossible.

How much of success comes from self-delusion? Can we be healthily self-deluded, and is that what ‘adopting a positive mindset’ really means? Or is failure what we really need in order to grow?

Maybe. But there’s different kinds of failure, as we explain, and sometimes having a wildly positive mental attitude can take you way over the edge and into brazen egotism. Jon and Andrea compare notes over where they sit on the spectrum… and neither is sure they’re doing it right.


  • What 99% of people get wrong when using self-help books
  • Do you need a toolbox or a plan?
  • Self-help as a performance-enhancing drug
  • Does wanting better for yourself mean you’re not good enough now?
  • Demanding the impossible

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