This episode is all about being self-sufficient. Is it possible and, if so, is it really desirable? Do we need friends? Can we really be so ‘stoic’ that if everyone and everything we love and have is gone, we’d still be OK? Plus – how to make true friends & alliances. And where does happiness really come from?

What does being self-sufficient really mean? It’s often held up as the pinnacle of being a wise, fully-developed human being, but doesn’t that mean a life of severely restricted emotions?

This one really gets to the heart of Stoicism and what it means for us today. We unpick the difference between stoicism and capital-S Stoicism – it doesn’t mean being uncaring and unfeeling about the world and what happens in your life at all!  No, Stoicism is about feeling your troubles and overcoming them; to feel the pain but not be truly damaged by it.

We share deeply personal stories of broken hearts and broken promises; how we’ve tried to let go of the past without disowning it; and how grieving relationships has been healthy but deeply, deeply challenging.

Seneca’s words offer up surprising parallels with Buddhism and the science of flow states; challenge our idea of what ‘friendship’ really means; and forces us to confront – with compassion – the possibility of never achieving what we dream of.

We also learn that Dre intends to be the terrifying instrument of karma and how Jon replaces his friends according to Role Playing Game principles…

Also Including:

  • The difference between Needs and Wants
  • How to suffer well and grow stronger in the process
  • Why friendships aren’t about having someone there for you, but to be there for someone else
  • Feeling guilty about dark, violent thoughts
  • Emotional mastery – what it means and how to develop it

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