We all like to keep our options open – to play the field, diversify our portfolios, enjoy the freedom of an all-you-can-eat buffet. But there’s a catch – a hidden, bitter price-tag we overlook at our peril.

Freedom without focus is a merciless dream killer. The superficial succeed only at getting fat, complacent and insecure.

Breadth and quality do not go hand in hand. The most successful and creative people don’t prize knowing a little about a lot – they know when to pick an interest, business or project and drill down deep to mine the gold within.

In this first episode of our new series on Stoicism, we explore the Stoic master Seneca’s timeless advice on how to do the same in your own life.

Whether it’s showing off at the Roman Senate or chasing Likes on Instagram, Seneca’s wisdom cuts to the core of the issue.

The answers are deceptively simple – but are you up to the challenge?

This Episode Includes:


  • Learning to focus your efforts on those areas and skills which are truly worth your attention
  • How the brain processes information and which conditions promote fresh thinking
  • Reading a book a day might sound impressive, but it’s getting you nowhere
  • Why the creative process often happens when we’re not trying
  • Knowing when to stop looking and recognise that something is worthy of your full attention
  • How to read in spirals and why you should start now
  • Why humans have been telling the same stories for millennia

Dre also unleashes a trick for how you can learn anything from anything and Jon reflects on how he found true happiness in cheesecake.

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