Podcasting is all about supporting each other in the pursuit of creating and sharing the best content possible, unrestricted by company and advertising interests, so it’s a no-brainer to highlight The Road To Now – a new podcast on politics and current affairs which is a rarity in that it includes a keen awareness of how the past informs the present. Imagine that; a bit of context to underlie our judgements on contemporary affairs!

The show’s most recent episode is an interview with Mo Elleithee, the former Communications Director for the Democratic National Committee who’s skipped out of the political scene to become founding Executive Director of Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service. Sounds important, but what’s the interview all about?

In a short space of time, they just about put the world to rights, or at least ask it some probing questions. What do Brexit, Trump, and the fact Vice Presidents just ain’t what they used to be have to do with each other? Does spending time with angry young people help you stay hungry, or make you fear for your (political) life? And what does it mean to be a role model…? Mo has an amazing and personal Muhammed Ali story to answer that last one.

Definitely check out their show and give them some love if you enjoy it!

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