Why do people get caught up in wild and implausible conspiracy theories, get-rich-quick scams and other tantalising pyramid schemes? As we learn in this episode, even brainboxes like Isaac Newton can’t seem to resist the excitement that so easily overcomes our better judgement when we think we can shortcut our way to success.

And that’s the problem – it’s exciting. The danger comes from our emotions: we are caught in the present, enslaved to our immediate hopes and fears. Robert helps us to pause and draw back from the desire for immediate (re)action. We need to learn to play the long game and stop living in the now.

This is a double-edged sword, though: we mustn’t get stuck in over-planning things either, or we lose sight of what truly matters… Jon unpacks his own history of paralysis by analysis, while Andrea highlights the underlying problem: If you’re constantly terrified of making The Wrong Decision, then you either never choose, or never feel you made the right call.

But what about when it comes to other people? When we’re quick to judge, are we going with our gut, or are we just seeing what we want to see? We take a look at some strategies and tools to tell the difference – and in the process save your relationships, friendships, and indeed yourself from dubious business opportunities.

Along the way Jon and Andrea reflect on their own major fuck-ups and offend all of China.

Also Including:

  • Horse and Sparrow Economics
  • How do make conscious choices about risk
  • Cobras in Delhi
  • Jon offends all of China
  • The modern mentor hustle

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