Dre’s been busy – turns out, behind Jon’s back, he’s even become an Adult!

In his guest appearance on the brilliant Adulting with Ebonie podcast, Dre opens up about his journey as an Autistic kid and young adult who, after piling up one too many setbacks, had the courage to ask himself the question we’re all afraid of: Am I the problem?

He went on to take responsibility for his life and his needs, owning who he was, but with the desire to grow and develop to be the best version of himself.

‘Adulting for me is coming to own who you are, your talents and your problems.’

– Dre

Ebonie found her own path the hard way, too – she’s a ‘misfit turned maven’ who’s now an author and coach dedicated to helping people reach their unique potential. But as the tattoo across her knuckles reminds you, she’s got a wild side and isn’t shy of telling you exactly what the fuck she’s thinking!

In this awesome episode, Dre and Ebonie dig into how we can first become aware of, and then consciously set about changing our behaviours. They’ve both had to learn some tough lessons in the past when their childhood programming and individual tendencies caused too much friction with the world and people around them. But, in the end, that gave each of them the opportunity to better understand their own needs and how to get them met in a healthy, socially-conscious way.

They dig into taking responsibility for your personal development; how to build rapport when at heart you’re an introvert; and when and when not to leave your comfort zone.

Ebonie is a kindred spirit – her podcast is packed with kickass and kind conversations exploring what this life thing is that we’re all trying to do as best we can. Just as we’re Learning How To Human, she’s helping her audience learn what the fuck it means to wake up, check your age, and realise you’re now technically ‘an adult’. It sneaks up on all of us, but the manual definitely got lost in the post…

Thankfully, Ebonie’s here to help.



Be Silly. Be Kind. Be Weird.

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