These days Saud Juman is a clean-cut guy with a successful healthcare business dedicated to helping doctors and medical staff actually take care of themselves. But it wasn’t always this way. Saud’s journey has been one from darkness to light.

Back when he was a college student, Saud fell into the underworld of Toronto club life, embroiled in a world of dangerous men and power games that he could scarcely have imagined when he set out to cover his university fees by DJing.

But even though he would ultimately turn his back on that world of violence and intimidation, it taught him a lot about himself and about human nature.

Like Robert Greene teaches us in The 48 Laws of Power, human nature is in many ways universal, and the underworld is a prime playground to witness interpersonal and social dynamics in their rawest form. There, the stakes are higher and the gloves are off. Your word must be your bond, and conflict resolution is an outright survival skill.

We talk to Saud about what he learnt in the underworld that’s now made him a successful entrepreneur and speaker, and what personal reinvention actually means. This isn’t another saccharine redemption tale with a bow tied on it, but a look at the frightening, challenging, but also thrilling reality of transitioning from one world to another, finding yourself along the way.

Personal reinvention is vital to success in any walk of life, but how can we do it without losing our identity along the way? As Saud’s story shows, the process is one of turning the coin over to see the other side, rather than trying to pretend you’re something completely ‘new’.

Knowing your own darkness is vital to be able to become your best self.

We also play a couple of psychological games with Saud and discover that the seeds of his personal life adventure can be found in some of the books and stories he first connected with as a child; we discuss the importance of mentorship and the challenges of trying to find and impress mentors; and we explore where the balance between humility and hunger for success lies.

As Saud puts it, ‘The spectrum of light and dark exists in everybody’ – life is discovering and working from where we are on that spectrum.


Also Including:

  • What do respect and success really mean?
  • Running with the wrong crowd and how to find your way out
  • Martial arts for healing
  • Hunger and curiosity
  • Intuition for other people’s pain

Find Saud:

Be Silly. Be Kind. Be Weird.

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