Jon Waterlow
June 26, 2017
Will you stand your ground? Do you get what you want? Are you prepared to be uncomfortable to do what’s right? Pro...
Jon Waterlow
June 18, 2017
We’re all creatures of habit, but creativity dies on the vine of inaction. Change is the only constant in the worl...
Jon Waterlow
June 12, 2017
Shit is abundant – a near infinite supply of it as available to you at any given moment. But like most things thatR...
Jon Waterlow
June 5, 2017
Who owns you? Think about it. Who controls your time, your work, even your sense of self-worth? If someone else control...
Jon Waterlow
May 29, 2017
More than likely, you’re living in a dream world. A fabrication. A projection of how you think the world is or sho...
Jon Waterlow
May 21, 2017
When the hip-hop phenomenon 50 Cent asked to meet Robert Greene after reading his phenomenal bestseller, The 48 Laws of ...
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