We know it when we feel it. Sometimes we hate it. Sometimes we crave it. But how does authority work?

In these modern times, we often distrust authority by default, but in this episode we reveal how deeply we screw ourselves over in the process.

What if we think of authority as the act of authoring something new – leading people forward, willingly, with dynamism and creativity, even if it means pulling them uncomfortably out of their stupor?

This is a deep exploration of one of the core elements of our tribal nature. We dissect charisma (it’s learned and honed, not simply gifted by the gods); aggression (it’s necessary, but rarely); and the need to set and police your personal boundaries at all times.

We disagree with Robert, too, and argue it’s not better to be feared and respected than to be loved… but it’s more complicated than you think.

There’s lessons to be learned from 50 Cent, but also Adolf Hitler, and drag queen extraordinaire RuPaul.

We learn how to use the term ‘wanksta’ correctly, debate the ever-fraught subject of gender pronouns and whether we should use the litany of new ones, and wonder how we can be ‘men’ or ‘women’ in a culture that exhorts us to embody impossible ideals.

Dre curses his nemesis, Elon Musk, and the guy who broke his jaw in high school, while Jon embraces his role as a fashion icon and promptly unleashes the most disturbing chat-up line yet coined.

This Episode Includes:

  • Setting an example without being a dick
  • The limits of morality
  • Roots of charisma
  • When and how to punish people for bad behaviour
  • Edison vs. Tesla
  • Being the best parent you can be

Mentioned in the Episode:

Be Silly. Be Kind. Be Weird.

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