We’re all creatures of habit, but creativity dies on the vine of inaction. Change is the only constant in the world, but why are we so resistant to it?

This episode shoves us all unceremoniously out of our comfort zones: We change, or we simply fade away. But things aren’t as bleak as that makes them seem: all we need is a little momentum.

Momentum is manufactured in the mind – it’s not something mystical or outside our control. This week we learn how to harness the power of Emotional Flow; it’s like Stoicism on steroids.

We also learn how 50 Cent changed the game on the streets, but also in the record industry. Ossified systems couldn’t resist his disruptive momentum – and these are lessons we can take into our own lives (with considerably less gun violence, too).

It’s time to pry open your death-grip from the impossible ambition of controlling everything: the micromanager isn’t just the death of business, but also the death of joy. We can’t control it all, so we have to learn how to flow with the needs of the moment. This means always challenging your assumptions and to beware those who say they’ve found the truth.

From Leonardo da Vinci to Apple Computers; Nazi war crimes to jazz music; Lady Gaga to hipster vampires, this episode’s got it all. Dre also hatches fresh plans to rule his own world, Jon tries to escape his university training, and both of them debate hairstyles of the future.

This Episode Includes:

  • Why consistency isn’t the same as strength of character
  • Becoming comfortable with discomfort
  • Conflict resolution in relationships
  • Outsourcing your morality to the state
  • Adopting a persona without being a charlatan
  • Balancing chaos and order in your life
  • Rehabilitating the Jack of All Trades

Mentioned in the Episode:

  • The excellent psychology book, Changing the Conversation
  • The classic HBO show, The Wire
  • The IT crowd’s piracy warning

Be Silly. Be Kind. Be Weird.

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