Who owns you? Think about it. Who controls your time, your work, even your sense of self-worth? If someone else controls any of these things, you’re neither free, nor powerful. But breaking those chains is a daunting challenge.

For 50 Cent, this was a tale of crack hustling, escaping the vampiric embrace of the record industry, and seizing control of his art and image. But the dynamics at play in all these areas can be related directly – and often pointedly – to the rest of us, too.

Making everything your own isn’t simply about material possessions. This is about self-ownership and finding the fullest expression of yourself. In this episode, we explore how Robert taps directly into powerful wisdom that’s been passed down through ancient philosophies and religions, but which most of us continue to ignore.

In the end, we all die alone: we can’t live our lives only calibrating our self-worth to the opinion of others. Unless we grow and develop, we stagnate, give up, and lose ourselves. Our uniqueness is our strength, yet we all scurry to fit into society’s pigeon holes. We’re not talking special snowflakes and being a self-righteous prick, though. Things are more nuanced and complex than that, as we explore.

We challenge you to ask: What’s the true worst-case scenario if you go All In, and is it really something you couldn’t come back from after a few months? Plus: How to be honest with yourself – are you a follower or a creator? Whether pre-nups or start-ups, we explain why you have to make clear agreements and boundaries before you enter any relationship. And why, really, it’s fear that stops us from striking out on our own and taking responsibility for what happens next.

We unleash the idea of Brain Yoga to unify the body, mind and spirit and cut out the bickering and confusion in ourselves. Jon grapples with the fear of hurling himself out of all safety nets, and Dre opens up about the times he’s accidentally ended up working himself to death trying to fulfil other people’s dreams.

And it’s time to get excited for our brand new, fool-proof seduction one-liner…

This Episode Includes:

  • Avoiding the toxic effects of pity
  • Personal sovereignty and how to cultivate it
  • Turning Dead Time into Active Time
  • Learned Helplessness and how to avoid it
  • Owning your legacy
  • Why you must be either the first or the best

Mentioned in the Episode:


Be Silly. Be Kind. Be Weird.

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