You are your own limiting factor. Who you think you are defines what you’re capable of. If identity is an illusion (and it is), how do we set about changing it so we fulfil and surpass all our ambitions?

But big egos are a bad thing, right? It depends. This episode we deconstruct what ‘ego’ is all about and how to cultivate the strong, positive sort. The kind that doesn’t need reinforcement and validation from others – the kind based in security of self and a mind that remains open to an ever-changing world.

We look at how 50 Cent built his vision and tribe in his grandparents’ living room; how parents fuck their children up by praising them the wrong way; and how to become who we are without getting wrapped up in identity-labels.

Robert provides the tools we need to surpass our limits, but how can we put them into practice? We explore how to to turn dead time into learning time, but without deceiving ourselves that all those barista skills are magically going to help us later in life.

Should parents kick their kids out when they reach 18? Are babies and young children actually people? And how can we be strong without needing to show it?

Jon shares personal revelations uncovered by his counsellor and why he gave up ironing at age 18; Dre shares his plans to open his own Jurassic Park and his latest psychedelic insights; and we use the soon-to-be immortal phrase ‘circle-jerk lubricated with tears’.

This Episode Includes:

  • Crafting your sense of self and your own value
  • Why you should give your energy freely
  • Taking criticism without making it about you
  • Banning children from mainstream society
  • Subverting your patterns
  • What are regrets, and should we have them?

Mentioned in the Episode:

Be Silly. Be Kind. Be Weird.

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