A couple of weeks ago we had the honour and pleasure to make an appearance on Shredded Brainiac a wonderful podcast on on finding balance between fitness and the rest of your life hosted by our good friend and London personal trainer, Ru Wikmann .

When I first met Ru at a London Real focus group I was immediately attracted to his vibe and personality but what really clinched my desire to befriend him was when I heard the title of his podcast “Shredded Brainiac” . The attempt to build and improve oneself not just in mind or body but both is something I was always attracted by, Philosopher King, Warrior Poet whatever you call it, its the journey of a true and complete human being at being the best he or she can be.

Jon and I had so much fun appearing on Ru’s show and he was a consummate professional at getting a very interesting conversation going. I particularly enjoyed the final quick fire round questions which led to some funny discoveries of not wholly matching idiosyncrasies between me and Jon.







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