Cory Allen is a man of many parts: musician, producer, podcaster, meditation expert, philosopher… and now a full-time Professional Cory. He’s gathered a huge audience for his work, but his driving force continues to be the simple/complex mission to Reduce Suffering and Raise Awareness.

But what exactly does that mean in everyday life, away from the meditation cushion? Jon caught up with Cory in Austin, Texas, to find out. The result was a deep, fun, and enriching conversation about what it means to be human.

We talked about love, sex, and death; the tension between our often stress-making animal natures and our mental capacity to find lasting peace; and how we can grow and change without simply disowning parts of our self.

We explore the profound difference between emotional and intellectual understanding, how other people see you through the lens of their own TV Sitcom, and when spirituality and meditation just end up turning you into a vegetable.

Resistance is a factor in all our lives, but how can we experience is as something more than an enemy? Do we need to have an audience for our lives, or is that egotistical indulgence? And how far can we overcome the warping effect of subjectivism?

If that wasn’t enough, we compare art to acts of friendship, explain why we need to let go in order to have anything… and tell you to go on dates with people you find obnoxious .


What We Get Into:

  • Dealing with fear as we find our paths
  • The multiple consciousnesses we each have and how they fight against each other
  • Can we ever escape our own projections?
  • The dangers of mistaking your worldview for your identity
  • Existential paralysis
  • How to know when to start something big
  • Whether creativity have to involve suffering
  • Teaching people to accept who you are

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