Everyone’s obsessed with ‘the hustle’ these days – it seems like we’re meant to be on duty promoting ourselves and pushing to the next level 24/7… But what does ‘hustling’ even mean?

Are we meant to be glued to LinkedIn, trying to find that one magical connection that’ll launch us into the stratosphere? Or diving into the world of SEO – optimising our personal websites in sacrifice to the gods of Google?

David Bryan – star of the award-winning show Trashed – joins us to talk about the real hustle: the psychological hustle.

Acting is one of the toughest careers out there when it comes to getting noticed and rising to the top, so David’s knowledge and experience of that hustle runs deep. But we’re not just talking acting in this conversation – this is about the psychology of motivation, self-esteem, and what real success actually feels like.

Life and work can be a grind, but how can we make it the best grind possible? What does ‘talent’ actually mean? Is it all in the eye of the beholder and what they value, or can it be something more?

We get into why rejection is part of the game and how to use it as a springboard rather than a tombstone; why it’s better to have 10 true fans than 10,000 Instagram followers who don’t really care about what you do; and what making good use of your time actually means on the day-to-day level.

We also share some of our most shameful moments and what they taught us and how David managed to put on an award-winning one-man show at the Edinburgh Festival from scratch (don’t forget to check out our first interview with David (and playwright Sascha Moore) back in August when their show, Trashed, was in full swing!).


Also Including:

  • The psychology of motivation
  • Acting as entrepreneurship
  • Why sharing your experience can be motivation in itself
  • Documenting your life for yourself and your family
  • How to do social media without being a narcissist
  • Creating something out of nowhere

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