Are you easily offended? It’s time to ask yourself why.

Offence is taken, not given. So do comedians really have a responsibility to tip-toe round your sensitivities?

Comedy is never a safe space, and yet in a world of Social Justice Warriors, comedians are running scared of saying the ‘wrong’ thing.

Is there such a thing as going ‘too far’ in comedy? What does ‘offence’ really mean, and why is the comedy world increasingly cracking down on anyone who isn’t a virtue-signalling leftie?

Our guests this week are two brilliant stand-up comedians whose own podcast, Probably Offensive, was immediately banned on iTunes, so they know a thing or two about censorship.

We dive into the world of identity politics and discuss why it’s OK to assume people’s race but not their gender; who gets a free-pass to make gay and ethnic jokes; and why Francis is so damn white.

Mental health stalks the green rooms of comedy, but Nick rejects the myth of the Sad Clown. Even if anxiety and depression seem all too common in the industry, do we really need to suffer to be funny and creative?

Find out why some people become comedians – and why they should always be ugly; just how much mental abuse Francis receives from his mum; and what it’s like opening for Eddie Izzard.

Anxiety and mental breakdowns aside, we talk dating apps and the caustic effect they can have on interpersonal communication.

Also featuring: Sexism, Daleks, and Sex-Daleks.

Find Out More:

  • Nick and Francis’s awesome and hilarious podcast Probably Offensive
  • Nick’s Twitter; Francis’s Twitter
  • Probably Offensive on Facebook and Twitter
  • Jon Ronson’s book, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed
  • Nick’s favourite, The Red Pill movie
  • Neil Strauss’s books, The Game and The Truth

Be Silly. Be Kind. Be Weird.

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