There’s a reason why a sizeable majority of London Real fans when asked “what is your favourite interview” reply Peter Sage without missing a beat.

Peter has led an incredibly interesting life, pursuing serial entrepreneurship from an early age, at first out of a desire for money and success, but increasingly as life threw challenge after challenge at him he has transformed into something more. In his trademark hierarchy of enlightenment model, he now strives to operate from “As me”, the fourth and highest level of mentality and attitude to life.

In this episode we go deep: We talk about how everything in life is ultimately funnelled down the corridors of love or fear; whether it’s possible to forgive sex-offenders; and how to develop an empowered relationship with money.

I attended his Sage Business School program last year and it changed my life. What’s perplexing was that as a 4 Hour Work Week disciple and Entrepreneur I had been learning and hacking my lifestyle for 5-6 years and knew a lot of the content.

But seeing it all so succinctly and expertly organised into a 3 day life journey AND seeing a room of hundreds of people experience and learn what took me years to accumulate in such a short time was transformational. The collective experience of a room full of people being awakened to the possibilities of abundance hyper charged my motivation and drive.

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