Do you know what makes the perfect dram?

By popular demand, we delve back into the world of whisky – the essential drink of the modern Renaissance Man. And this time, we’ve got insider knowledge from Jon’s brother, David.

David’s managed whisky shops on Edinburgh’s iconic Royal Mile – the ancient cobbled street running between the castle and Holyrood Palace. He started by answering a job ad on Gumtree, before working his way up to running stores and selling whiskies to celebrities and Texan oil barons alike. As you’d expect, he’s got a few stories to share…

So how did he get into whisky in the first place; how do you become an expert in selecting and drinking it; and why is it informally known as ‘baby cocaine’?

Who actually buys a £5,000 bottle of whisky, and how did James Bond manage to skyrocket one distillery’s fortunes overnight?

We dissect how to taste whisky properly and to discover which is the perfect dram for you.

What happens behind the scenes? Why does it take at least 3 years to make whisky; what dodgy stuff do whisky companies get up to when the cops aren’t looking; and why are Angels constantly getting drunk on the fumes?

Jon and David also share drinking tales from the isles of Scotland to the Moscow winter; when Jon was stalked by a rabid Harry Potter fan; and why whisky tasting is basically the same as rimming. This is a deeply cultured episode.


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