My name is Tom and I’m writing a book in a year.

365 days, chopped up into planning, writing and editing. My aim is to short circuit my tendency to procrastinate and actually write something. Not only that, but to finish it. To, in exactly a year, have a freshly printed book sat in front of me.

I’ve just finished the first month of my year, running from 1st February to 6th March. That was planning. Or at least, it should have been – I’ve done my upper-limiting best to excuse myself from writing or planning anything at all.

However, today is the first day of actual writing. mega888official

I’ll be writing for the next nine months, in a cyclical fashion. I’m not exactly sure what my best writing tempo is. Or even how I’ll find it whilst juggling my own business, daughter, marriage and everything else. But that’s part of the process.

I’ll be sharing everything along the way in the blog, keeping you in the loop here at Voices in the Dark, and sharing my successes and failures all the way along. I’ve made a commitment to not speak to anyone about the book for six months whilst I get going (read more about that in the blog), so the blog itself is an outlet that you are welcome to come and have a look at.

So, let’s get cracking: What am I going to write, and how the hell am I going to finish it all in a year?

Read Part 1 of my writing journal HERE

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