The modern Renaissance man needs a drink with culture and heritage.

So Jon and Dre hit Cadenhead’s whisky tasting rooms to learn all about Scotch malt whisky: the amber nectar, its rich history, and to try a selection of the very best from across Scotland.

We chat with Steve, who found a passion for whisky after a helping out for a weekend which turned into more than 20 years in the industry.

Who drinks whisky these days and why? Is the culture being lost in favour of market values or a cheap JD and coke?

We get into how whisky first came to be sold to the masses, how to taste it ‘properly’, and whether it’s true that James Bond suddenly drinking MacAllan led to China buying out the warehouse…

Steve fills us in on the different whisky regions of Scotland; how the big brand names keep their taste consistent; and how he fared in a blind tasting challenge.

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