This is one of the best interviews we’ve ever done. We sat down with Erick Godsey to talk metaprogramming: the science and art of changing your fundamental habits to become the best version of yourself.

Metaprogramming means becoming aware of the stories you’ve been telling yourself about yourself, mostly unconsciously, and often with negative consequences… And then going a step further to consciously create a new, better, and more authentic one.

Erick has spent years dissecting how we can make genuine, lasting change to our lives, and how to avoid the pitfalls which claim 99% of everyone’s shiny new resolutions. And for Erick, this has been a deeply personal journey.

From living in a state of fear, working in a fast food chain wondering if his life would ever become what he knew it could be, Erick dedicated himself to reading psychology, psychoanalysis and philosophy, but all with the aim of making practical, real-life changes.

So how can we map our consciousness – to understand the basic building blocks that are the foundations on which our ego, identity, and everything else we consider to be ‘me’ is built? We head into some dark places to find the gold that hides inside – turning shit into sugar, or, as Carl Jung put it, ‘in the filth, it will be found’.

Erick’s podcast is a laboratory in which he draws out the guests’ fundamental habits and programming. But in this interview we use a powerful psychological exercise to turn the tables and delve into Erick’s own unconscious.

You can play along too and discover how your own parents or parental figures have each programmed you one way or another – inflecting you with their own coping mechanisms, hang-ups, and also indirectly nurturing in you your own coping mechanisms whenever you feel your fundamental needs are unmet.

We can go through our whole lives unconsciously acting out these patterns, but the Card 3 Exercise brings them directly, bracingly into focus and allows us to begin the acknowledging, healing and then metaprogramming process to move forwards and to grow as more conscious, self-aware human beings.

Erick then turns the tables right back on us and starts digging into the stories we both tell ourselves! We get into psychedelic emergencies, the traps of Autism and depression, and how we’ve each learnt to tell ourselves better stories.

Take The Test:

  • DOWNLOAD the Card 3 Exercise and discover the stories you’re telling yourself without even realising it: Card 3 Exercise

Also In This Episode:

  • Psychedelics and how they can help make, break and remake the habits that define us
  • How to help the people who don’t want to be helped
  • The emotional healing powers of MDMA
  • Where intuition comes from
  • The curious difference between feelings and thoughts
  • Creating and understanding your own emotional Pantheon
  • Why we spend so much time generating fears for ourselves

Find Erick:

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