What happens when you try to record a live podcast in the lounge of a 5-star hotel without asking permission? It turns out you have a really powerful conversation, an excellent cocktail, you break down what 2016 meant and what 2017 is going to be… and no one interferes with you whatsoever. Not bad, eh?

Recorded on the road during Dre’s trip to Jon’s home town of Edinburgh, we decided to cast an eye back over the last year and share some of our BIG plans for Voices in the Dark in 2017. Dre’s quit his job; Jon’s writing for big sites and flying round the world to interview guests… and that’s only the beginning.

Needless to say, we also get angry about various topics, break down some social and psychological problems we all face, and then head off to drink a good deal of expensive whisky. Join us!

This episode includes:

  • Our plans for 2017!
  • Dre quitting his job
  • Is Jon retaining any of his meditative calm or insights from the monastery?
  • A big debate on free speech, no-platforming, censorship and punishment
  • The importance of having high-quality conversations
  • What makes something a thing?
  • Why things can only be art if you show them to an audience

Mentioned in the episode:

Be silly. Be kind. Be weird.

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