Legalise drugs? Sounds crazy, right? Think again.

Drug policy isn’t shaped by medical, sociological, or psychological data. It’s shaped by tabloid scare stories and politicians’ fears of losing the conservative vote.

This week we speak to researchers and activists Anna Ross and Rosalind Roux to dig behind the headlines and into the actual data (as well as some truly surprising insights into what politicians really say behind closed doors).

Anna brings a sociological and legal perspective to drugs and makes it clear that there’s no real moral or philosophical basis for current legislation. Rosalind focuses on the psychological and mental health aspects, as well as sharing her involvement with the growing movement of Students for Sensible Drug Policy network.

We ask why drug policy advisors are routinely ignored by politicians; where addiction actually comes from (it’s not from the drugs); and how governments fiddle the figures, avoid the facts, and ignore the realities… at least in public.

There’s still some cause for hope, though. It turns out there’s a little-known moral crusade underway in Durham by the Police Commissioner, who’s using his local power and funding to quietly decriminalising many substances. Is this the beginning of a revolution?

We also share our personal stories of how to come out of the psychedelic closet to your friends and family and begin your own quiet revolution at home.

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