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We’re pursuing knowledge and philosophising over the morality and practicality of Robert Greene’s book The 48 Laws of Power. In episode 24 ½ we’re halfway to being excessively powerful.

This episode will explore some of the key themes from the book, the main realisations we’ve had, how we’ve managed to integrate the Laws of Power into our lives and we’ll discuss our favourite laws so far.

The 48 Laws of Power is often read in prisons and by people with potentially nefarious intentions due to the claims it can help you manipulate and be a modern Machiavelli, however Jon and Dre have discovered the book to be much more focused on social intelligence rather than using cunning to get one over on people. They discuss how being powerful, and getting ahead is much more about creating a space for yourself rather than obliterating your rivals.

Jon discusses why he feels naivety can be advantageous when faced with human calculation and cunning, and why seeing the best in people is important and Dre once again wishes he was a 14th Century prince.

Both Jon and Dre agree on their favourite law from the book, and discuss the impact it has had on their lives, and discuss why Talleyrand was such a successful conversationalist.

Dre shares his views on seduction, Jon muses over how an ended relationship is not always a failed relationship and the pair jump from Steve Jobs to Ratatouille for inspirational quotes.

And finally we discuss how we think the book has improved our lives, and the impact it has had on us, and why our aim is to become the Bruce Lee of Psychology.

This episode includes:

  • The subtle art of seduction and how insincere and obvious actions can leave us feeling bad
  • The relational nature of power, and how isolation can be dangerous
  • The effect of a revolution and the human craving for consistency
  • The difference between being powerful and egotistical
  • How mindful and considerate communication is often the key to powerful interactions
  • A discussion on whether men find the perceived notion of women being emotional and unpredictable attractive
  • The hierarchy of relationship
  • Why it might be better to ask your rivals for favours than your friends
  • Why just mimicking a successful person isn’t enough to create your own success

Mentioned in this episode:

Be silly. Be Kind. Be weird.

Join us as we continue our 48 Laws of Power review, exploring Robert Greene’s provocative and compelling book, in which he lays bare the history, practice, psychology, and philosophies of power that ultimately shape all human relations. Often seen as a handbook for the ‘modern Machiavelli’, we take a closer look, beyond the hyperbole, and discuss how understanding and implementing these Laws can actually enrich your life personally, professionally and spiritually.

Jon and Dre aim to get to the heart of each of the Laws, grapple with their sometimes disturbingly amoral nature, and discuss what the Laws mean in everyday life (often revealing their own experiences – good and bad – when they’ve either observed or transgressed them).


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