Jayson Gaignard is one of the best-connected people on the planet. His MasterMind Talks weekend for thought leaders and entrepreneurs is invite-only, rarely allows repeat speakers, and has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard.

But how did this self-described introvert who had only two guests at his bachelor party (his brother and brother-in-law) end up becoming one of Forbes magazine’s ‘Top Networkers To Watch’, and personal friends with the likes of Tim Ferriss, Robert Greene, Ryan Holiday, and James Altucher?

It started in darkness.

In 2012, Jayson hit rock-bottom: a quarter of a million in debt, he came a hair’s breadth from committing suicide. As he pulled over to the kerbside, he took a deep breath and knew something had to change.

In this deeply personal and honest conversation, Jayson tells us how he found his way out of the darkness and the underlying principles he discovered for picking yourself back up and finding what’s missing in life.

First, we have to get back to the fundamentals. If everything we own is taken away, we’re left with just two things: Our word and our relationships.

In this episode, we explore what this means and how we can build strong, lasting connections founded on integrity.

Entrepreneurship – whether you’re a businessman or an artist – is meant to be all about freedom: owning your life and owning the day. But with freedom comes isolation and isolation can eat you up. Entrepreneurs suffer disproportionately from depression and anxiety, but hardly anyone is willing to talk about it… Because who else is there to talk to who understands your situation?

Whether you’re at the top or the bottom, when you’re forging your own path, there’s few fellow travellers to keep you company and share the emotional burden.

After his brush with suicide, Jayson set out to end this world of isolation for himself and others.

We’ve never been prouder or more excited to share an interview with you.

We talk about the importance of finding some sense of control in your life, however small, by first realising what you can and can’t control and then consciously focusing on the former; finding people in your life who are batteries, not black holes; recharging your emotional bank account by taking time purely for yourself (and dealing with the guilt this can cause); and we explore how to be vulnerable without playing the victim.

As Jayson puts it,

‘We create a life of complexity when we’re striving for a life of simplicity’.

In this conversation, we try to bring us all a step closer to the deep truth of that simplicity.

We Also Get Into:

  • Are entrepreneurs mentally ill by definition?
  • Why asking for help can be an act of generosity
  • How ‘vulnerability’ is being hijacked and weaponised by social media
  • Social isolation in today’s hyper-connected world
  • Stoicism in the boardroom
  • How to spot ‘cheap’ people who lack integrity


Find Out More About Jayson:

Jayson’s Book Recommendations:

  • Robert Cialdini, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
  • Tony Hsieh, Delivering Happiness: A Path To Profits, Passion, and Purpose
  • Keith Ferazzi, Who’s Got Your Back? The Breakthrough Program to Build Deep, Trusting Relationships That Create Success – and Won’t Let You Fail


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