My body was broken.

All over I felt bound by a prison of sinew and muscle, slowly contracting tighter and tighter like an anaconda, choking all life and hope. My neck was spasming so hard that day that I found no relief even lying down.

As I lay on the floor in a crumpled heap, staring blankly at the ceiling, I found my mind drifting to what had led me to such a dark and hopeless place.

2 years ago I made the second worst decision of my life.

Looking for some extra cash to keep my entrepreneurial dreams afloat and with a spirit of scientific service, I entered a medical trial for a brand new drug for the treatment of chronic pain. Little did I know that the antibody that was fed through my veins would indeed bind to chronic pain receptors around my body… but stimulate them instead of deactivating them. As every single injury I had ever sustained was re-triggered and even the muscles that moved my eyes felt raw and ripped, I felt my spirit drowning.

The company responsible for the medical trial sent me to expert after expert, but they all treated the problem as a single aspect in relation to their skillset, unable to see the connection between things that cannot be isolated. And so for every 2 steps forward there was 1 backward and for every 1 step forward, 2 backward. At best I felt like Alice through the looking glass, racing as hard as she could just in order to remain in the same place.

This wasn’t how I’d imagined my 30s.  I’ve been fascinated since childhood with improving the self and working towards perfecting the body, the mind and the spirit. That’s why I trained Japanese Ju-jitsu, why I became a bodybuilder, why I studied biomedical science and learnt about philosophy and history. I had envisioned a future where I was in amazing physical shape, had a great career, and that my mind had been honed in many disciplines and forms of knowledge. So I stared at the blank featureless ceiling running over the words of the kindly doctor I had been speaking to earlier that day. He had told me that “at my age” it was time to accept that the days of resistance exercising were behind me.

That day was the closest I have ever been to giving up.

I cannot remember exactly what it was that pulled me back from the edge of that precipice, but it was something born out of my most treasured characteristic of the human spirit, that voice which, when told something is impossible, stands up and screams “Fuck you, don’t tell me what to do”. I picked myself up off the floor, and life went on.

Enter KT.

KT is the founder of Precision Movement where she practices as an Injury Rehabilitation Specialist and remedial soft tissue therapist.

I  first met KT at a London Real focus group. When she spoke with passion in her eyes of her desire to help others and revolutionise Injury Repair with a holistic and comprehensive approach, I knew I had found a kindred spirit. Someone driven by the quest to be better, to do better and to leave the world better off.

What I loved about KT’s approach was that she saw me as a whole human being, as a machine where all parts and elements affect each other and where the issues had to be disentangled and followed upstream to find the origin of each problem, so that the repairs and efforts to heal could strike at the source.

Could she succeed where everyone else had failed? Can we escape the chronic pain which modern work environments create, or the idea that by our 30s we’re basically past our best? Could I, despite the carnage the medical experiment had wrought on my body? And… did I dare to believe?

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