Philip McKernan is an emotional terrorist.

Quite a statement for a man who’s advised the Pentagon, top business leaders, and even the Canadian Olympic Team, but this man has reduced auditoriums full of people, from writers and artists to hard-nosed entrepreneurs, to floods of tears.

And they thank him for it.

Because when you hear Philip McKernan speak, nothing is quite the same again.

Have you ever really known who you are? Have you lost your identity in your work? Do you listen to your gut, or are you still trying at some level to gain your parents’ approval?

Philip’s got a knack for finding the answers to such questions, shattering the stories we keeping telling to hide from our truest selves. This can be shocking and painful, but Philip doesn’t care: he asks you what you most need – but are also most afraid – to find out.

Philip works to bring people back into alignment with their values; to recognise why they’re pursuing a particular career or lifestyle… and more often than not, it turns out they’re running away rather than towards something.

He helps people to answer life’s most fundamental questions: Who am I, at my core? What is my gift? How can I impact the world, and what is the legacy I want to leave behind? His job is to help people uncover those things so they don’t – like so many people – die with regret for a life unlived.

In his speeches, books, retreats and film work, Philip sets about reconnecting us with what truly matters in the human experience. We live in a world which values thinking over feeling, and logic over emotion. We can tie ourselves up in infinite knots trying to think our way out of our doubts and confusion. But what happens if we try to connect to how we truly feel about those things? Philip’s mission is to shift us out of our heads and into our hearts – from mindset to ‘soulset’.

If that sounds too hippie to you, you’re in for a shock. Philip’s no-bullshit, laser-guided insights don’t come with a ‘Namaste’ at the end. They come with action, understanding, and deep, lasting change.

His philosophy is summed up in the name of his first documentary film, Give and Grow (stream it for free with the exclusive link below). Some of the deepest work we can do to get back in touch with our truest values is done by acting selflessly to help others. But there’s a catch if you’re not careful. Giving is not the same as giving yourself away.

Philip also created the incredible One Last Talk event, where ‘ordinary’ people share stories of personal discovery, trauma, and transformation. What would you want to say to the world, if you had just one last chance to do so? And what would it feel like to open up in such a profoundly vulnerable way?

We’ve wanted to get Philip on the show since our very first episode. It took 100 more episodes to get him in person, in the studio. And it was more than worth the wait.


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