After a successful Go Fund Me campaign, Jon raised enough money to spend an intensive weekend retreat with coach, speaker, author and emotional terrorist Philip McKernan. And he’s still reeling from what happened.

So what happened, and how’s Jon doing today?

It was an intimate event at a hotel in a tiny village. They spent most of it locked in a room with a man whose speciality is relentlessly asking some of the most deep and searching questions about yourself, your life, and your relationships with people, money, and even to your own identity.

It’s what Jon’s calling McKernan’s Emotional Cheese-grater. There were tears, but there was also laughter, insight, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Jon opens up in this super raw episode about some of his deepest insecurities; how he discovered what’s been holding him back from publishing the book he’s been working on for 10 years; and he shares some of McKernan’s most powerful, potentially life-changing questions.

We get into some of the most common emotional blockages we all face: trying to solve emotional problems with intellectual solutions; wasting time trying to get people to like and see you, instead of choosing to spend time with the people who already ‘get’ you; and how the source of the trouble we experience in one area of our lives often lies in a different, totally unexpected place.

This is an episode about making change: recognising what’s wrong and consciously deciding to take action. How can you get your friends or partner to support you to make that change? What’s the difference between needing something and simply being open to it? And how can we make any of this change without being judgemental and beating ourselves up in the process?

This one’s personal. We hope it helps you reflect on where you’re at in your own journey, too. Get in touch to let us know what came up for you, too – questions and reflections are always welcome!


Some of Philip’s most powerful questions to ask yourself:

  • Where in my life am I settling?
  • What am I tired of?
  • Am I using my gift or my talent?
  • What mask am I still wearing, and how would I describe it?
  • What conversation am I avoiding?
  • What part of me can the world not see?

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