The 48 Laws of Power Podcast

Ever feel that life isn’t fair and no one’s playing by the rules they say they are? Did you grow up being told that if you just kept your head down, did your homework, and were nice to everyone, that everything would turn out great for you?


Didn’t work out, did it? That’s because you’ve been sold a lie. The game isn’t what it appears; the real game – of life, of love, of power – is several layers deeper.


It’s time to take the red pill and discover the truth.


Robert Greene’s life-changing, bestselling book, The 48 Laws of Power, lays bare the history, practice, psychology, and philosophies of power that ultimately shape all human relations. Are you ready to see and master the Matrix?


Don’t hate the player and don’t hate the game. Instead, to get anywhere in this life, you must learn how to play and avoid being played.


In this podcast series, ‘Exploring The 48 Laws of Power’, we’re your guides to each of the laws and their uses. We carefully dissect each one, delve into the historical examples Robert provides, explain how they can apply to our modern lives, and share the times we’ve followed or transgressed them.


Learn to develop mastery according to Robert Greene’s principles and use the 48 Laws of Power in everyday life. Train yourself to foresee and avoid betrayal; to advance your interests in the face of opposition; to hone your emotional intelligence so you can read other people and predict their behaviour… all to your ultimate advantage.


But this is not about becoming a sociopath. As Robert Greene makes clear time and again, the Laws apply whether you like them or not. Like social gravity, they are the forces which shape our interactions with the outside world. Just as you wouldn’t be able to play – let alone win – any sports without an intuitive understanding of basic physics, without a deep understanding of the Laws of Power, you’ll never be a successful player in life. The world can be a harsh place and even if you don’t want to be a master manipulator, as they say in combat sports, you still need to defend yourself at all times.


Ready to take control of your life? You will be after exploring The 48 Laws of Power. Join us and a community of listeners from around the world as we draw back the veil and get to grips with how things really work.


This is our first Robert Greene podcast, with future explorations of Mastery, The 33 Strategies of War, and The Art of Seduction to follow.


The Secret Power Principles – Law 49

Now you know the Laws, but which ones should you put into practice first? And what are the underlying themes which bind them together? How can we truly practise the Laws in order to achieve mastery? This is a Special Episode that brings you the most important insights...

Assume Formlessness – Law 48

One Law to bring them all and in the darkness bind them… Yes, it’s time for the final and most crucial Law of Power: Assume Formlessness. Law 48 is all about how to move beyond mechanical repetition of the individual Laws and become a virtuoso performer who flows...

Play To People’s Fantasies | Exploring The 48 Laws of Power – Law 32

Fantasies can be dangerous things, and Law 32 explains why. When we want a fantasy to exist badly enough, we’re alarmingly good at ignoring any evidence that exposes it – everyday life can be so mundane or even painful otherwise. But Robert takes no prisoners and goes on to describe the unpopular reality that real success and quality work take consistency, discipline and time… And the reasons why we belligerently go on searching for quick fixes and shortcuts. Needless to say, this offers plenty of opportunities for the power-hungry.

Control The Options: Get Others To Play With The Cards You Deal | Exploring The 48 Laws of Power – Law 31

How did I end up in this mess? All too often that’s the question we ask ourselves when we look back and realise we’ve been led by the nose into a situation we’d never have chosen willingly. And yet it seemed like we were free to choose every step of the way. So what happened? Law 31 is what happened: when someone manages to control your options, you find yourself playing on their chessboard, never quite sure of the rules and yet still wanting to believe that you can influence the way the game plays out. You can’t; this episode explores why.

Episode 0: Meet Jon & Dre

Recorded during a massive thunderstorm over London (in mid-summer, of course), Jon and Dre dive into what Voices in the Dark is all about; why we're exploring The 48 Laws of Power; what our other shows are going to be... and who the hell are we, anyway? In a nutshell,...