Here at Voices in the Dark we’re doing our best at Learning How To Human, but sometimes we – like everyone else – face some stumbling blocks. This is a special episode where we share some recent (and dramatic) hiccups along the road for both of us.

Each of us took a trip recently. Jon went to stay in a cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere. No electricity, no hot water; just a wood-burning stove and the Scottish countryside to keep him company. He was hoping for some peace and clarity, but instead found himself in a sustained panic attack for two days.

Dre took a rather different kind of trip – one courtesy of DMT, often called the most powerful psychedelic in the world. In the process, Dre died… and Andrea came back to life. He shed an identity that had been curated and developed for a purpose some years ago, but which had come to feel like old skin obscuring and trapping his true self.

We always try to bring ourselves fully to the table when we sit down to record the show, but this episode gets especially deep and very personal. If you’re facing your own challenges or painful transitional phases, this one is definitely going to resonate with you.

Hit us up with any questions, thoughts, or tales of your own similar experiences – we’ll be making more Q&A style episodes going forwards!


Be Silly. Be Kind. Be Weird.

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