Ever been on a white-knuckle cosmic sleigh ride over the mountain peaks of enlightenment? Would you like to?

They call it the Spirit Molecule. Just a few quick breaths of DMT, and reality dissolves around you, thrusting you into another dimension and bringing you back again in time for tea.

For some, it’s a super-powered psychologist who cuts right to the core of your deepest fears and traumas. But that’s not what happened when Dre took it for the first time, live on this episode.

We hit record right before and immediately after Dre sucked on a homemade crack pipe and launched himself into the next dimension.

Julian Deane – a leading UK comedian – joined us to trip-sit and to share his own terrifying experiences with DMT. It helped him to overcome addiction and confronted him with his own ego games… And yet, he wonders, couldn’t we discover all of this through yoga and meditation instead? Without all the terror?

Despite his long personal history with psychedelics, this is Dre’s first time trying what many call the most powerful psychedelic in the world.

So how does DMT measure up? Controversially, Dre doesn’t think you can really learn anything from it… and yet he wants to go back for more. Why?


Find Out More:

  • Julian’s website
  • Rick Strassman’s book, The Spirit Molecule

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