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Freebies? Surely we want them… Actually, we don’t. Law 40 explains the enormous psychological burdens involved in accepting the free lunch, and how rapidly this can draw you into a web of obligations and inferior power positions. This Law breaks down the different kinds of toxic people who try to manipulate you through emotional and financial blackmail – you’ll know them when you hear them described, but how many times have you fallen inadvertently under their sway?

This week we explore how to successfully cultivate and nurture relationships so that you can call on those favours when you need them, but without making people feel beholden to you; the intense and damaging role your parents’ behaviour continues to play in your life; and why humans’ idea of justice often just translates into taking punitive actions against others.

Money figures significantly in this episode, but not in the way you’d expect. We get into the need to value your time ahead of counting the pennies, and why spending your money extravagantly is much wiser than you might think. If we can think of money as energy we can turn its power to our advantage so that the more you give away, the richer you become.

Jon and Dre recal the times they’ve seen powerful cons play out in real life; get into an intense debate about the nature of real love and ‘the one that got away’; and Dre shares a masterful trick to get drinks bought for you without breaking this Law. Less powerfully, Jon reveals his escalating nicotine habit, how not to give him gifts, and his terrible history of being triggered by the National Trust. Do not buy him hats, and do not take him to stately homes. Seriously – just don’t.

This episode includes:

  • Why you should never offer to buy someone coffee
  • How this Law can solve classic relationship problems
  • Why it’s so hard to give anything away
  • Why almost every internet coaching service and free webinar is total bullshit
  • How to tell if you’re unconsciously living out the echoes of your parents’ lives
  • How to act as you want to be treated
  • How to cultivate non-resented debts
  • Destroying wealth to generate more of it
  • How to pay the bill the right way
  • Why true love is like meth

Mentioned in the episode:

  • The ever-disturbing, BoJack the Horseman
  • Trying to give away a Massive Yacht!
  • The Great Gatsby – [easyazon_link identifier=”0743273567″ locale=”US” tag=”vointhda-20″]book[/easyazon_link] and [easyazon_link identifier=”B00ESY77LO” locale=”US” tag=”vointhda-20″]film[/easyazon_link]
  • Daniel Gilbert’s superb book, [easyazon_link identifier=”1400077427″ locale=”US” tag=”vointhda-20″]Stumbling on Happiness[/easyazon_link]
  • The ultra-spiritual JP Sears

Challenge: Say no to free stuff and buy a few more rounds than you should. Start to value your time at $60 an hour and act accordingly…

Then let us know what happened next!

Be silly. Be kind. Be weird.

Join us as we continue our 48 Laws of Power review, exploring Robert Greene’s provocative and compelling book, in which he lays bare the history, practice, psychology, and philosophies of power that ultimately shape all human relations. Often seen as a handbook for the ‘modern Machiavelli’, we take a closer look, beyond the hyperbole, and discuss how understanding and implementing these Laws can actually enrich your life personally, professionally and spiritually.

Jon and Dre aim to get to the heart of each of the Laws, grapple with their sometimes disturbingly amoral nature, and discuss what the Laws mean in everyday life (often revealing their own experiences – good and bad – when they’ve either observed or transgressed them).

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