Jon’s back from Indonesia and is experiencing reverse culture shock as he returns ‘home’ to London. From that unstable vantage point, in this catch-up episode we talk about getting things done, why closing ‘loops’ in your day-to-day life is essential for your mental and emotional health, and how to take meaningful action in the absence of clarity.

In aid of those goals, Andrea’s adopted a policy of having no boundaries with other people. But how can that possibly work long term?

We debate how to tame our psychological disposition to look for problems rather than positives, and why the grass is ever so much greener wherever you are not.

Jon also went to One Last Talk, an event designed by our friend and sometime mentor Philip McKernan. There, ordinary people stand up and speak as if this was the last thing they could ever share with the world. Political rants and 5-step success plans are strictly off the table here. You can’t tell the audience what they should do with their life, only share aspects of yours which feel more true than any Tony Robbins tribute act could manage.

Now Jon’s somehow agreed to give his own One Last Talk – but what should it be about, and how do you know when it’s the right time to do it?

Also Including:

  • Willpower: do we have a finite amount?
  • Why freelancers shouldn’t quote
  • Assuming positive intent and why
  • Commercialising enlightenment
  • How to give genuinely helpful advice

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