What happens when you come back from a war-zone and try to reintegrate into everyday, humdrum reality?

For countless veterans, coming home can be worse than war: depression, alienation, anxiety, and PTSD. As many as 20 take their own lives every single day.

Recorded under the setting sun in the Amazon rainforest, Jon spoke with two former US Marines who’ve turned to the plant medicine Ayahuasca to overcome their mental health issues.

This is a raw, deeply human conversation. We talk about life, love, hopes, dreams and fears. We talk about family, comradeship, and the struggle to keep hold of a sense of self once you’ve left an institution that demands you craft yourself to fit its mould.

There’s great advances being made in psychedelics-assisted therapy, particularly using MDMA, but Ayahuasca can be still more powerful. It tears away all the masks and all the stories we tell ourselves, leaving behind… love.

Tony and Buck explain what PTSD means in everyday life, the shocking failures of the state to support its veterans, and how hard it can be for tough military men to even admit they have a problem and to seek help.

They’ve started their own podcast to support veterans and those close to them – sharing tools and tactics to find healing and a meaningful life after the military. We talk about how Jiu Jitsu, float tanks, and even just sharing a smile with a stranger can make a profound difference.

Finally, we reflect on the lessons of Ayahuasca and how we plan to make lasting changes once we get back from the jungle.

This is a truly unique episode. Please share it with anyone you think would benefit from hearing about these issues.

What We Get Into:

  • The failures of the US government to support its veterans
  • When PTSD strikes
  • How to help and speak to veterans
  • Loving yourself without being in love with yourself
  • When and how violence is necessary
  • The powerful plant medicines Ayahuasca and Bobinsana
  • Relationships, friendships and how to bring the wisdom of the plants back into daily life

Mentioned in the Episode:


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