Eighteen months after Ayahuasca turned his life upside-down, Jon headed back to the jungle to see what would happen this time around. For one thing, this time it was a veritable plant medicine odyssey: Four Ayahuasca ceremonies, one Bobinsana ceremony, three Huachuma ceremonies, and a final, terrifying Vilca ceremony.

Recorded the day after he got back to the UK over a ceremonial mapacho ‘cigar’, we reflect on the experience from Jon’s perspective, and Dre breaks down the neurochemistry and psychology of how and why these things unfold.

We consider how modern societies screw us up and how plant medicines can reconnect us with the world and with ourselves; we talk about ritual and its place (and absence) in Western life; and we explore what people are really trying to communicate when they say ‘everything is love’, or ‘it’s all connected’.

Whether it’s how to find a way to authentically express yourself, how to avoid bitterness when a life path hits a dead end, or how to overcome your inner critic, there’s plenty to get into in this episode.

All in all, Jon’s come back with a new understanding of his motivations and and purpose in life – and what ultimately drives all of us to choose the paths we follow. This is the only time he’s going to talk about these things, too, to avoid fading the memories through repetition.

And now for the hard work: integrating the insights and lessons into everyday life, and not just slipping back into familiar patterns… Here goes.


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Be Silly. Be Kind. Be Weird.

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