Author: Jon Waterlow

The Accidental CEO: Saud Juman’s Journey From Darkness To Light

These days Saud Juman is a clean-cut guy with a successful healthcare business dedicated to helping doctors and medical staff actually take care of themselves. But it wasn’t always this way. Saud’s journey has been one from darkness to light. Back when he was a college student, Saud fell into the underworld of Toronto club life, embroiled in a world of dangerous men and power games that he could scarcely have imagined when he set out to cover his university fees by DJing. But even though he would ultimately turn his back on that world of violence and intimidation,...

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The Modern Stoic #18: Fake It Till You Make It?

What’s the difference between wisdom and experience; between faking it till you make it, or truly growing as a person; and why should you never try to claim you’re a master? Drawing on letter number 26, ‘On Death and Dying’, this one seems at first to be all about preparing for death and yet, beneath the surface, it’s really all about embracing your life now. While the Stoics might harp on about being ready to die well, if we’re living well, then the dying well will surely take care of itself. We find Seneca in poor health and expecting the Reaper...

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Psychology Of The Hustle With Award-Winning Actor David Bryan

Everyone’s obsessed with ‘the hustle’ these days – it seems like we’re meant to be on duty promoting ourselves and pushing to the next level 24/7… But what does ‘hustling’ even mean? Are we meant to be glued to LinkedIn, trying to find that one magical connection that’ll launch us into the stratosphere? Or diving into the world of SEO – optimising our personal websites in sacrifice to the gods of Google? David Bryan – star of the award-winning show Trashed – joins us to talk about the real hustle: the psychological hustle. Acting is one of the toughest careers...

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The Modern Stoic #17: Helping People Change

How and when to help other people; whether we can really get anybody to change after a certain age; how to check we’re not also in need of correction (and whether we should calibrate that by looking at everyone else, or turning to our inner compass). Drawing from Letter 25, this one is all about timing, making change, and the hard work that always requires. This week, Seneca is on Lucilius’s case about some mutual friends – one old, one young, and both in need of some correction to get their lives back on track. But how can we...

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Minisode: Why You Won’t Find Steadiness Without Taking Action

Struggling to find equilibrium in your life? Need to choose between several options but can’t quite make out which is the best path to take? In this Minisode, Jon takes inspiration from The Daily Stoic Journal and shares some advice on how to find internal steadiness and escape the paralysis of indecision. What do you think? Chat to us here and let us know!   Be Silly. Be Kind. Be...

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