Author: Andrea Domenichini

Video Production Company Launch

It has been a weird 10 years for me living in London. When I arrived I made the decision to distance myself from science, at least in the sense of being a scientist; I realised I needed to become an Entrepreneur if I wanted to have a revolutionary biotech company some day and not just be a test tube pusher. I proceeded to learn all I could about running businesses and working in them, and along the way got lost in power games in corporates that forced me to face that the fact that, at that stage of my...

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Autism is my Superpower – Life On The Spectrum

We all know someone who’s ‘on the spectrum’. Someone a little weird. Not good with social cues, but passionately (perhaps disturbingly) intense in some other part of their lives. But what do we really know about them and how they see the world? We’re all a lot more comfortable with the idea of Autism these days, but do we really understand what life is like for these people? Not so much… Our very own Autiste, as we shall insist on calling Dre, is on hand to share his personal story, from a late diagnosis to using the excessive focus...

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Keep Your Hands Clean | Exploring The 48 Laws of Power – Law 26

Have you ever scapegoated someone? Law 26 is about keeping your hands clean, a law which makes Jon uncomfortable. Together with Dre he explores why a scapegoat doesn’t always have to be a negative thing. Once again the need for subtlety and an understanding of the emotional needs of others is a key subject, with Dre and Jon discussing their views on being wronged and apologies and why being an unsung hero feels meaningless to them. Jon shares his opinions on free speech and why he refuses to tone himself down, Dre teaches Italian pronunciation and the pair share...

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Re-Create Yourself | Exploring The 48 Laws of Power – Law 25

If you like what we’re doing please remember to subscribe on iTunes. You can also help us gain visibility by clicking the like button on Facebook, and sharing your favourite post or by leaving a review on iTunes.  The more people who join, the more we can learn together. As Law 25 explores identity and the benefits of recreating yourself, Dre and Jon give you a peek into their personal lives as they discuss the different nicknames they’ve been given over the years. Find out who is known as Dr Muscles and who aspires to be King of the...

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