Here’s a hidden treasure from the VITD archives for you – our interview with the brilliant and fascinating Michael Garfield! Michael’s the host of the Future Fossils podcast, an artist, musician, and a ‘sense-maker’ of what it means to be having this strange human experience.

We spoke to Michael some years ago and for reasons lost to history the episode got mislaid but has now resurfaced! So, not a whisper of Covid to be found, and Jon and Andrea might sound rather chirpier than they have during 2020 – both of which are distinct selling points for the episode.

Listening back in the editing room has been a treat that’s alternately mind-melting and mind-expanding. Michael brings his unique perspective as a futurist-palaeontologist to bear on the human condition, on what he calls ‘a quest to be better ancestors’.

In our chat, we dig into Big Questions: What even is reality? If we could truly grasp all its multiple layers, would we even want to, or would it simply drive us insane? Do we have souls and, if so, can they be cloned? And why is Richard Dawkins such a dick?

Andrea shares what happened when he dropped acid and watched the whole of Altered Carbon – what do that show’s ideas of ‘the virtual’ have to teach us about our inherently subjective perspective on, well, everything?

We also talk Westworld, free will, where fantasies come from, and what it means to be insane. Frankly, there’s no way to summarise the richness of this episode, so hit play and discover it all for yourself!

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