It’s been a whole month. A month of 2-3 hours of meditation every day, no internet or phone calls, 5am starts, amazing people from around the world, and no caffeine… So who is Jon after all that? Is he a Buddhist? Did he find what he was looking for? What’s next for Voices in the Dark? Time to find out.

Recorded the day after he arrived back from Kathmandu, Jon answers Dre’s questions about what he’s learnt and how he’s adapting to life outside the walls of the monastery. This is Part II of our Before & After piece, so check out Part I first if you haven’t already!

Earlier this year, Jon interviewed Martijn Schirp (editor of the excellent High Existence website) for Talking the Walk. Martijn used to be a professional poker player, but was looking for a lot more from his life. With a bag of money and no sense of direction, he happened to hear about a month-long meditation course at a Buddhist monastery in Nepal. The experience would prove transformational – which is why he’s now the editor of a site dedicated to self-development, challenging everything you think you know, and generally opening our minds beyond our cultural programming.

Something about that conversation stuck in Jon’s mind, and just a few months later he’d booked himself a place on the same course at Kopan Monastery.

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