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The Modern Stoic #20: Stop Giving Advice, Start Making Connections!

This week: when and how to give advice; how people avoid seeing what’s right in front of them; how to avoid getting overwhelmed in life; and what human connection and life are truly all about.   Riffing on Letter 29 from Seneca, this episode is a corker. Advice is a dangerous game: when and how you give it can change your life. Don’t waste energy and time trying to give advice to those who don’t want to hear it. Not only would Seneca be pissed off at you, you’d be violating the most important of the 48 Laws of Power: Always...

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Can Psychedelics Cure Autism?

Can psychedelics cure Autism? It’s a question researchers are only beginning to ask, but VITD’s own Dre has already run the experiments – on himself. Over the past few years, he’s taken MDMA and LSD to help connect the parts of his brain that allow most people to understand others, feel their emotions, and make lasting connections. But before we get to that, what even is Autism Spectrum Disorder? Probably not what you think it is. Most people on the Autism spectrum aren’t Rain Man or maths geniuses. They’re people whose brains function differently, but in myriad different ways. It’s...

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Psychology Of Dating Apps [Sex & Relationships Series]

Welcome to our new series on Sex & Relationships! VITD has long been about psychology, mental health, social dynamics and self-development, and these are all vital themes in the realms of sexuality and interpersonal connection. But usually most of us just don’t talk about them. They’re vital parts of the human experience, yet we tend to just follow the script that our culture’s given us, rarely questioning why we think and act the way we do. In this series, we’re going to upend those assumptions and see what we find underneath. From open relationships to dating etiquette, infidelity to...

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The Modern Stoic #18: Fake It Till You Make It?

What’s the difference between wisdom and experience; between faking it till you make it, or truly growing as a person; and why should you never try to claim you’re a master? Drawing on letter number 26, ‘On Death and Dying’, this one seems at first to be all about preparing for death and yet, beneath the surface, it’s really all about embracing your life now. While the Stoics might harp on about being ready to die well, if we’re living well, then the dying well will surely take care of itself. We find Seneca in poor health and expecting the Reaper...

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